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Beau's All Natural Brewing Company Art Director - Jordan Bamforth

Beau's All Natural Brewing Company

Art Director - Jordan Bamforth

Al Sobotka, Joe Louis Arena Manager Sportsnet Magazine Photo Editor - Myles Mccutcheon

Al Sobotka, Joe Louis Arena Manager

Sportsnet Magazine

Photo Editor - Myles Mccutcheon

Sleepless Records / Polydor Records

Sleepless Records / Polydor Records

Cryin' Shame

Almost year ago two friends of mine, Pete Ross and Aaron Doyle, played their last show together as The Speaking Tongues. The band has been kicking around for more than a few years putting out some amazing blues rock music. Personally, I've travelled with them to Minnesota, watch them injure themselves, eat terrible food together and have had many a late night with them. So, when Stuart Campbell and I heard they were hanging up their spurs we wanted to document the finale and try to capture their essence one last time. With me directing and Stu handling the cinematography we enlisted Raj Ramnauth and Stephen Sora of Posterboy to cut the film. They did an amazing job and were such an integral part of the final result. Crush Inc. blew my mind with the visual effects, while Conor Fisher at Alter Ego helped out us doing the colour and RMW Music handled the audio. A big thanks from me to all the people involved in getting this done. And without further ado, "Cryin' Shame".

ROB / Gord Nixon

Report on Business Magazine

Gord Nixon, President and CEO of Royal Bank of Canada

Photo Editor : Clare Jordan

Report on Business Magazine

Photo Editor : Clare Jordan

Promo / Garbage

Here's a recent mail promotion. It's not really a secret that I dislike doing self promotion. I am also keenly aware that most art directors just throw promos out. Which brings up a dilemma. So we went a bit self referential with this one.

Now, because this is a blog and all, here is the back story. It began like this.....

At this point in time, no one has respond to my call for suggestions.

Now, what I had done at this point in time is created a very simple 11" x 14" layout that featured two photographs of mine and accompanied by the text below. I was planning on buying regular plastic waste bins and put the 11" x 14" in them and ship them in cardboard boxes.

Hi xxxxx,

I dislike promos as much as you do. I hate them. I would throw them in the trash as well.  So here ya go, I decided to take care of the whole thing for you. Trash can and promo. Fateful partners, forever to join forces.

So you hate promos and so do I, but we do this dance, because no one has time to chat and meet and look through a book. I also dislike promos because they are usually about everything, but photography. Or at least the ones that get the most word of mouth. This will thusly be my most successful attempt because it has nothing to do with making a good photograph. This is also why I hate promos, because I really like photography a lot. I spend a lot of time thinking about it, ranting about it on my blog, reading visual art and fine art photography theory books. I question it, get frustrated with it and get inspired by it over and over. Promos, not so much. I ordered the garbage can from Office Depot and got the boxes and put this promo in the garbage can and mailed it to you. I don’t think that really constitutes what makes a good photographer or someone who is consumed by photography and explores different aspects of it whether creating art or on an advertising shoot. But really the only way of knowing or proving if I can do that is if we work together. In case we don’t work together soon or meet up for a chat IRL here are a few other things about me: I went to OCAD. I like football. (Me and some other advertising people you may know get together sometimes and play, you should join our Facebook group if you like football too). I’m a Saints fan, so if you’re a Falcons fan... Yeah you will probably never hire me and IM OK WITH THAT BECAUSE YOUR TEAM SUCKS. I’m on twitter doing stupid things. I want to make more art. I smoked a cigarette with Dennis Hopper when i was 16. I’m pretty sure there’s at least one musician that you like, that I also like. I wear skinny jeans, but not as skinny as I used to. I usually have facial hair in some form and fashion. I like road trips. I’ve worked on shoots around the world with a variety of clients. Once, I was shot at by men with assault guns in the mountains of northern Peru. In Tokyo, I told Jackie Chan and his entourage to leave the bar we were working in because we were loosing the light. I got a nasty 24 hour bug during a shoot at Tiffany’s in New York and I am pretty sure that I have thrown up in that washroom more than anyone else in history. 

And yeah that’s about it for now. I have more stories if you want to hear them. Below are a couple of my photographs, maybe you’ve seen them, maybe you haven’t. I think they are pretty good, but not as the good as the ones I'm going to make in the future. You can check out more work at and yeah I hope this gives you a better idea of what I'm about and you can throw this back in the garbage can now if you like.  Thanks for taking the time. If you do want to meet up or have a chat, you can drop me a line at or give me a ring or shoot me a text at 647 895 8134 or argue with me on the internet at  

I sent this to Nellie and she suggested that I don't totally obliterate my career by sending this out.  Instead we worked together with Chris Hirsch on what you see above. And that is how the garbage promo came to be.